WordPress Maintenance Plans

Keeping your WordPress account secure is of utmost importance. With over 66 million WordPress users worldwide – and thousands more being added every day – it is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) to date. Because of its popularity, it is prone to hackers and botnets. Does that mean you should avoid it all together? No way! WordPress is an outstanding platform to build and operate your website, but as with anything, you need a little maintenance to keep it from being sabotaged.

The WordPress community works hard to bring you the latest security patches and plugins so that you can avoid having your site compromised. Some of these installations are as simple as clicking a button, while others are a bit more complex to configure. You have better things to do (like operating your business!) than keeping up with the latest technology threats and trends.

That's where Shadeflower comes in. With our maintenance plans, we will install and update plugins, themes and the core of WordPress. We will also install and manage security features to keep your site safe from current and future attacks.

Shadeflower will perform regular full-site backups should anything bad happen – whether a bot makes its way in despite the security measures we've taken, or an embittered employee tries to sabotage the business, or someone "fat-fingers" a configuration. Your full-site backups can be made available through your web hosting service, sent via email or uploaded to a Dropbox folder. If you prefer not to even think about it, we can just keep the updates on our servers and provide them upon request.

In addition, Shadeflower will run a check for downed or dead links, slow-loading pages, approve legitimate comments and remove any spam comments.

Shadeflower wants to make life a little easier for you, which is why we also include Content Modifications into our Maintenance Plans. Need that blog post reformatted? A video embedded? Some text removed or added? Or perhaps you have a new product you want to showcase! Let Shadeflower handle it for you. No more worrying about formatting or how the end-design looks. No matter how big or small your modification may be, you can have confidence that Shadeflower's professional design experience will result in your site looking it's very best!

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What Content Modifications are included?


• Text
• Company News
• Blog Posts
• Photos & Videos
• Hyperlinks (including social media buttons or widgets)
• Forms
• Meta tags/SEO
• Store Products *
• Simple store settings *

* For e-commerce solutions already in place.

Examples of "simple store setting" alterations might include updating a Paypal address, shipping or tax changes, coupon codes, promotions and sales schedules.

If graphic design, stock imagery or programming is required, Shadeflower Designs will contact you as soon as possible with a quotation. Current clients on a Website Maintenance Package will receive a discounted rate of $45 per hour (rates for the general public are $65 per hour).

What is the difference between a Content Modification and a Service Request?

A Service Request is what you would submit to make Content Modifications to your site. Service Requests are available in bundles of 5.

Does Shadeflower Designs guarantee that my site won't be breached?

Unfortunately no. There is no company that can guarantee that (and if they do, they probably get around flying on pigs, too!). Botnets and hackers are getting more and more sophisticated all the time.  It's a bad guys versus the good guys on the Internet - but fortunately there are a lot of good guys. Shadeflower works hard to keep on top of threats so that appropriate measures can be taken on your site.

How often are plugin, theme and core WordPress updates released?

Depending on the plugins you have installed, updates and patches can be released sometimes weekly. The core of WordPress is less frequent, but security patches are usually released at least once a month.

Why do I have to pay a Set-up Fee?

The fee pays for our time to optimize your WordPress site with our recommended plugins and security features and to familiarize ourselves with your site.

This fee is waived for customers who have had Shadeflower Designs create their WordPress site within the last 12 months.

How do I submit a Service Request?

You can either log-in to your account and fill out a form, send your request via email, phone or mail. You may submit up to 5 content modifications per Service Request.

Please be as detailed as possible so that your modifications are done right the first time. But if Shadeflower has misinterpreted your request or it just doesn't look the way you envisioned, simply let us know and we will amend it as soon as possible at no extra charge.

How soon will my Service Request be posted?

Your Service Request will post within 72-hours (3 business days). Though if you need something done faster, please indicate that in your Service Request and we will do our best to make that happen!

Please note: Shadeflower Designs reserves the right to close business for any reason (i.e., holidays, vacation, family emergencies, bereavement, maternity, hospitalization or sickness). Whenever possible, you will receive an email notification for a date when all new Service Requests must be submitted.


What happens if one month I need more?

Shadeflower Designs wants to make life easier on you. For the occasional overages, we can charge you a flat rate of $10.00 per Content Modification or $25.00 per additional Service Request (which equates to 5 Content Modifications). If it makes more sense to upgrade, you can do so at any time without any commitments. Stay at your upgraded plan, or downgrade back to where you were - it's up to you! Just log-in to your account and click "Add Services".

Note: Service plans are sold by the month and cannot be prorated. Downgrades will be effective after the first of the month.

Can I pay by check?

Certainly! Per your request, Shadeflower can invoice you on a monthly basis. If you are a new customer, we require that you pay for the first 2 months in advance. Thereafter, we will bill you monthly (or quarterly if you prefer). Please email or call us to make this arrangement.

Please note: If an invoice is not paid within 15 days of receipt, your account will be considered "on hold" and no further work will be performed until payment is received in full.

What if I decide to cancel?

We hope you will be so happy with our services that you wouldn't ever dream of cancelling - but we understand that things change. Just log-in to your account and choose "cancel". However if you are dissatisfied with the service in any way, please let us know so that we can get a chance to make it right!

Note: Service plans are sold by the month and cannot be prorated. Downgrades and cancellations will be effective after the first of the month.

Not included


  • E-commerce/store creation and/or payment integration
  • Page or post additions
  • Design modifications or total re-design
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Form/feedback creation exceeding 10 fields
  • Web hosting
  • Web hosting issues (i.e. downed site, etc.)
  • Domains, email or hosting management
  • Stock imagery (typically $5.00 per web-friendly image)
  • Training guides or videos

Clients on an active Website Maintenance Plan will receive a discounted rate of $45 per hour (rates for the general public are $65 per hour).*

* To take advantage of this discounted rate, Clients must have either 1) been on a service plan for 3 continuous months, or 2) pay for 3 continuous months in advance.